Innoflight is a federally registered Non-traditional Defense Contractor (NDC) founded in June 2004 by Mr. Jeffrey Janicik that specializes in avionics for reliable operations in extreme environments.

Our core competency is affordable and responsive satellite design and operations through the innovative implementation of modern Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) technology in tandem with common standards and protocols. Our products are qualified through a proprietary process that includes all of the following: parts reliability, system level fault tolerance and radiation risk mitigation. Our primary focus is to provide aerospace vehicle systems with advanced solutions while reducing development timeline and ultimately reducing cost.

We have significant experience and skills in modular, high performance, low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) electronic systems and qualifying them for extreme environments. We have hands-on experience with government and commercial Tacsats, Microsats, Nanosats and Cubesats. We design and build high-efficiency power systems, embedded systems such as on-board-computers, controllers, and command decoders, high reliability supervisory circuits, secure IP Command and Control (C2) links and analog (FM) and digital (GMSK/BPSK/QPSK) RF links.

Innoflight’s systems are designed to be autonomous and capable of advanced networking operations.

We maintain a competitive edge in our product design and development efforts through our experience and understanding of entire system architectures.

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