SAN DIEGO, CA, October 12, 2020 – Innoflight announces that it has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) 12-month contract to enhance and certify its secure “mesh” networking End Cryptographic Unit ECU-400 in support of ongoing and upcoming Government space programs.

Innoflight ECU-400 Flight Unit

The high performance, high throughput (up to 1 Gbps), low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP), and cost-effective ECU-400 offers a secure, modular and scalable cyber solution ideal for Proliferated Low Earth Orbit (P-LEO) satellite constellations in support of National Security Space (NSS) applications. The ECU-400 is based on Innoflight’s CFC-400X hardware platform, equipped with a defense grade Multi-Processor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) and a supervisory system implementing radiation mitigation techniques. The ECU-400 is interoperable with a multitude of ground terminals and other terrestrial based HAIPE units. The ECU-400 enables secure mesh networking opening a vast array of capabilities for the first time in space. The ECU-400 is currently under consideration by multiple U.S. Government prime contractors for upcoming and future NSS programs.

“This is truly a breakthrough for advancing secure space communications,” said Jeff Janicik, Innoflight Founder, CEO and President. “Innoflight presented this concept to the Air Force over 12 years ago and matured it through expert analysis, development and demonstration.”

Innoflight is also working on its next generation bulk encryptor named Kobold, based on the Cryptographic System-in-Package (CSiP). Kobold follows the footsteps of Innoflight’s popular KI-103 (a.k.a Gnome) bulk encryptor, which received Top Secret And Below (TSAB) certification in January 2019 and gained flight heritage in early 2019. Kobold will support much higher data rates applicable to both Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) and mission data links.

About Innoflight

Innoflight is a veteran-owned small business founded in 2004. Innoflight offers state-of-the-art software-defined compact/ground radios, cryptographic and cyber secure systems and processing, networking and data storage avionics. Our core competency is secure Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) systems designed through innovative implementation of modern Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology.  The result is modular, high performance, yet low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) systems at competitive prices.  Our products are qualified through an Innoflight rigorous process that includes parts reliability analysis and testing, system-level fault tolerance, and radiation risk mitigation. Our customers include the U.S. government, prime aerospace contractors and commercial space developers. To learn more about Innoflight, please visit the company’s website at

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