Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) offer a desirable alternative over traditional CPUs due to the significant boost in processing power, particularly with respect to highly-parallelizable applications, such as: camera, RADAR, and Focal Plane Array (FPA) image processing. Innoflight offers the CFC-500S and the CFC-500P in the SmallSat and VPX form factors, respectively.

The CFC-500 product family uses a Microsemi PolarFire (PF) containing an instantiated RISC-V softcore that runs baremetal supervisory software. This, in combination with our support circuitry and PF digital logic, is used to mitigate radiation effects to extend functional lifetime in support a wide variety of space applications. The CFC-500 processing is based on the high-performance NVIDIA Tegra K1 (TK1) GPU technology, and leverages the design philosophy from the CFC-400X. The low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) CFC-500 includes two (2) NVIDIA TK1s capable of built-in clustering and IPC between one another to provide unparalleled performance unseen in the space industry.

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