ECU-400 (MESH)


Innoflight is committed in developing secure (Type 1) IP transport for space plug-n-play systems or any system that is network-capable. Our High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE®) compatible Mesh ECU (a.k.a., Space-HAIPE) technology provides seamless networked communications through space vehicle links, ground stations, the operations centers and end users even within existing ground infrastructure. The end result is that the user can operate his mission over any IP network (Internet, SIPRNet, Classified WANs, etc.) through a secure operations gateway. This gateway also utilizes existing satellite communication legacy systems without the need for specialized or dedicated bandwidth sensitive transport infrastructure.

Our Mesh ECU is available in a compact (CubeSat-compatible) form factor for Class C/D missions and in VME-6U-like form factor for Class A/B missions.

Each individual Mesh ECU is qualified by Innoflight before delivery. This includes Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP), and workmanship thermal cycle testing. For additional testing measures and services please consult Innoflight’s available services.

Please contact Innoflight for a full list of specifications and for any additional information.

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