Innoflight’s SCR-104 is a direct evolution to the SCR-100. The SCR-104 uses Innoflight’s next-generation Intermediate Frequency Software-Defined Radio (IF-SDR) modem which supports additional baseband processing, including waveforms on both the downlink and the uplink.

The key enhancements over the SCR-100 are:

  1. On-orbit selection between S-Band and L-Band uplinks
  2. AFSCN and USB support including ranging
  3. Higher downlink (10 Msps) and uplink (1 Msps) symbol rates; and
  4. On-orbit selection between multiple advanced waveforms, including xPSKs and Dynamic Spread Spectrum (DSS): all leveraging the existing SCR-100 enclosure and maximizing reuse of the SCR-100 flight heritage elements, including front-end designs, baseband processing and command/ telemetry dictionary.

The SCR-104 is designed for performance and reliability in a substantially miniaturized package. It incorporates advanced encryption, modulation, encoding and transport methods through modern highly integrated application specific chipsets (RF) and high density FPGAs. Through our deep experience in FPGA design, we provide sophisticated smarts in a single device and add built-in space environment performance and reliability improvement mechanisms. The SCR-104’s advanced communication components allow frequency, power, waveform, modulation and other features to be selectable and controlled on the fly unlike traditional space hardware.

In February of 2019, the SCR-104 joined the SCR-100 as another Innoflight Software-defined Compact radio to gain flight heritage.

Each individual SCR-104 is qualified by Innoflight before delivery. This includes Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP), and workmanship thermal cycle testing. For additional testing measures and services please consult Innoflight’s available services.

Please contact Innoflight for a full list of specifications and for any additional information.

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