Innoflight’s SCR-106 follows the success of the SCR-100 and SCR-104. Innoflight continued to leverage its knowledge of Software-defined radio design, development, and production to reach new levels of data throughput and expanded frequency offerings. The result of this lead to the SCR-106 and SCR-108.

The SCR-106 makes use of a significant amount of the SCR-104’s proven, flight-heritage components including its Intermediate Frequency Software-Defined Radio (IF-SDR) modem. The SCR-106 has data rates up to 105 Mbps and has a pathway to achieve much higher data rates. The transmitter operates between 7,900 and 8,500 MHz, and like all of our radios, the SCR-106 transmitter offers various modulation techniques including BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, and 8PSK.

The receiver of the SCR-106 has an operating frequency range of 2,025 MHz to 2,110 MHz and is programmable in-flight. Various receive modulation techniques are offered including, GMSK/FSK, PCM/FM, FSK/AM, and BPSK with the option to add other modulations.

The SCR 106 is designed for performance and reliability in a substantially miniaturized package. It incorporates advanced modulation, encoding and transport methods through modern highly integrated application specific chipsets (RF) with a high density System-on-Chip (SoC) FPGAs. Through our deep experience in FPGA design, we provide sophisticated smarts in a single device and add built-in deep space environment performance and reliability improvement mechanisms. The SCR-106’s advanced communications components allow frequency, power, waveform, modulation and other features to be selectable and controlled on the fly unlike traditional space hardware.

Each individual SCR-106 is qualified by Innoflight before delivery. This includes Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP), and workmanship thermal cycle testing. For additional testing measures and services please consult Innoflight’s available services.

Please contact Innoflight for a full list of specifications and for any additional information.

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